Company profile

Company was established on August 24, 1992 with Servis Meracej Techniky v Energetike in abbreviation S M T E Ltd., Šaľa as its original commercial name.

At the beginning of its operation, the company dealt with the assembly and repair of measurement and regulation equipment. It also conducted sales, technological and consulting activities as well as engineering, supply and maintenance in automation, measurement and regulation field. In 1994 the company changed its commercial name to MENERT – MONT Ltd. Šaľa. It gained new activities in the assembly, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment and conductors. The company provided consulting services in the measurement of heat production and energy savings.

On 25th May 1999 the company changed its commercial name again to MENERT-THERM, Ltd. At present company’s activities are directed towards the production and supply of heat and hot water. It is one of the first companies in Slovakia that provide heat through the use of renewable energy resources.

MENERT – THERM Ltd. is a 100% daughter company of MENERT Ltd.

The statutory bodies of the company are Ing. Miroslav Wöllner and Ing. Marta Wöllnerová.

The economic department provides economic planning, personnel activities, accounting and other activities.

The production-technical department provides heat production and supply, prepares production balance data and plans maintenance time tables. It also provides conceptual projects for heat cost reduction and technological solutions.

The company has 10 employees.